Matrices for RW immobilization


All radioactive waste before disposing in underground repository must be conditioned, i.e. transformed in solidified form resistant to chemical (radionuclides must not be released if water enters the repository), radiation and thermal effects (consequences of RW components radioactive decay), and mechanically resistant (intact during transportation and placement in the disposal facility).

Various types of matrices (glass, ceramics, cements) have their own advantages and disadvantages. Specific types of RW require different types of matrices.

In our lab we investigate various matrix compositions that suit the best for traditional and new types of RW (e.g., obtained as a result of pyrochemical reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel waste).

Main scientific results:

  • We have formulated compositions of clay materials allowing to include up to 20 wt% of RW representing LiCl-KCl eutectics with fission products.
  • It was shown that cement materials are stable even at high radiation exposure (100 MGy).
  • We have detected the formation of secondary rhabdophane phases on the surface of monazite minerals as a result of radiation damage.


Selected publications:

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