Nuclear forensics


In 2018, the Department of Chemistry together with Laboratory of Microparticle Analysis joined the Nuclear Forensics International Technical Working Group (ITWG) as its Russian member. The goal of this working group is to develop the scientific and methodological discipline referred to as Nuclear Forensics, to develop a common approach and effective technical solutions to all the emerging issues related to illegal handling of nuclear and radioactive materials. Since its establishment in 1995, ITWG has been focusing on the best practices of nuclear forensics by developing methods of forensic examination of nuclear, other radioactive and radiologically contaminated materials.

Main scientific results:

Our nuclear forensics research team together with staff of the Laboratory of Microparticle Analysis participated as a national team in a hands-on nuclear forensics training. The assigned task was to investigate a case involving radioactive objects found in a scrap metal dump, to determine the composition and age of the involved nuclear materials, and to suggest the source of the leak.

The contraband materials were defined by means of modern physicochemical methods, and all training tasks were successfully completed.